Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance System (VSS)


Video Surveillance System, which is also known as closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, is made up of security video cameras, monitors, recorders, cabling, and other related equipment that are capable of capture and record image, video, and audio data. The video footage captured will be transmitted and stored onto a video recorder and a monitor for live viewing or later review.

These days, Video Surveillance systems can be seen everywhere such as stores and businesses, residential areas, banks, corporate buildings, public areas, event spaces and many more. Having a video surveillance system can help to enhance safety and security, and improve business efficiency. 

The Video Surveillance system has played a vital role in the security sector, it helps to protect properties, deter crime, monitor areas for hazards and ensure prompt response to emergencies. It can be integrated with access control system, intrusion detection system and alarms to identify unauthorized access or potential safety hazards. Video surveillance systems are also a valuable tool for operational monitoring, helping organizations identify areas for improvement, ensure compliance, and maintain smooth and productive operations. Furthermore, with the incorporated video analytics capabilities, the video surveillance system is able to perform many tasks and provide actionable insights. 

Modern video surveillance system has gone far beyond traditional security surveillance tools and evolved from the days with security personnel manual monitoring. A modernized system is now equipped with smart features, advanced analytics, remote access, scalability, and usability, making it a comprehensive and effective solution for monitoring and surveillance.


Cameras are the core elements of the video surveillance system and are strategically placed to cover the desired area. We do provide different types of CCTV cameras, including IP CCTV, HD CCTV, Analog CCTV, Smart CCTV and more. Secure your peace-of-mind and protect your premises with our advanced surveillance system now. Get all you need, from surveillance cameras to the video recorder at our all-in-one store with the best price !

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