Protect Your Office

Don’t put your investments under unnecessary risk. Deter theft, burglary, vandalism and ensure your employees always feel safe.

Enhanced Security

We equip you with state of the art security systems that offers you flexibility and adaptability no matter your requirements.

24/7 Surveillance

With the right system, monitor what’s important of you any where, and any time of the day for your peace of mind.

We Offer

Video Analytics

Video Analytics uses AI technology to monitor and analyze video data, perform tasks such as object detection, tracking, people counting, danger analysis and more.

CCTV System

Our HD CCTV and IP CCTV systems are design for commercial and residential surveillance. CCTV cameras ranging from 720P to 5 Megapixels are available.

Solar CCTV System

A green technology to power up CCTV system outdoor with no electricity generator set up, there is no power required for the system to function.

Door Access Control

Wide variety of access control ranging from, fingerprint access control , biometric access control , card access control, facial recognition access control for our valued customer to choose from.

Intercom System

A range of wireless smart video intercom systems, telephone entry systems and sophisticated telecommunication equipment for various residential and commercial applications.

Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Detection systems ( IDS ) or Intrusion Alarms remain the cornerstone of security needs, because it is still the most cost-efficient way to effectively deter and detect any unauthorized entry or an intrusion.

Turnstile System

Turnstiles systems are commonly used in venues with large numbers of people, to prevent unauthorized access, control traffic flow, and count the number of people entering and exiting.

PABX Telephone system

A PABX system can connect large number of phone lines within a company. It allows efficient management of phone calls and facilitates internal and external communication processes to enhance productivity.

Time Attendance system

Our Time Attendance System combined the latest identification technologies with sophisticated software to create hassle-free time clock systems that meet all your workforce management needs

Structured Cabling

The Structured cabling network is a standard way of managing and utilizing your project building's connectivity to facilitate moves, adds and changes to your network without causing unnecessary downtime or interruptions.

Thermal Solutions

With multiple product types and wide range of applications, we have solutions that is designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures , contactless system so as to achieve high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios.

Video Surveillance System

Enhance security and monitoring with a modern video surveillance system. High-quality cameras, advanced analytics, remote access, and seamless integration provide comprehensive protection and real-time insights for your premises.

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TDE Security Solutions

CCTV Installation & Maintenance Singapore

Why TDE ?


We are security professional in Singapore providing security solutions for offices, homes, businesses and more. Our services include Technical Installation, System Maintenance & Repair, as well as Cable Management.


TDE Security offers a comprehensive range of products and systems for our client choice. We bring the latest and highest quality CCTV cameras, Door Access Control System, Time Attendance System, Intercom, PBX Phone System, Intrusion Alarm System, Thermal Cameras and Turnstiles in different brand e.g. Samsung, Panasonic, Bosch, Hikvision and many more.


TDE Security Solutions is always seeking improvement and innovation to provide our customers with the good quality products. Feel free to contact us at + 65 6293 3343  or email us at for a further discussion with our friendly sales team.