Solar CCTV System

Solar CCTV systems are on the rise in Singapore, allowing for a more cost-efficient and sustainable way of powering CCTV while being able to remotely monitor inaccessible premises such as industrial or construction sites.

Our Solar CCTV system can offer a certified and reliable Solar CCTV solution utilizing our design which integrates a highly efficient solar panel, and a clever power management system into a compact Solar CCTV camera system.

Key Benefits of Utilising our Solar CCTV Systems:

1. Save on wiring cost
a. It is not required to lay costly wires or data transmission cables
2. Reliable and independent
a. Self-sufficient and low in power consumption
b. Surveillance operations will not be disrupted during a power disruption or blackout
c. 24/7 Monitoring
d. Remote monitoring
3. Implementing Custom CCTV Systems
a. Construction Sector
b. Marine Sector
c. Transportation Sector
4. Fulfils Government Requirement (Workplace, Safety and Health Council)

Why solar-powered CCTV?

Solar CCTV cameras are one of the most popular outdoor security systems. Solar CCTV cameras are sustainable, efficient, and simple to set up, making them an excellent alternative for businesses especially in the construction, maritime, and transport sectors.

One of the key benefit of using solar CCTV cameras is their low electricity consumption, barely requiring any additional power sources to run. This feature is great for places with restricted access to electricity. Solar CCTV cameras can work for prolonged periods without being recharged as long as there are sunlight present.

Another benefit of utilizing solar CCTV cameras is that they are weatherproof. Singapore’s location near the equator results in fluctuating temperatures along with high humidity levels. Normal security cameras degrade when exposed to severe weather conditions. However, our Solar CCTV cameras have been designed to survive the damaging effects of such adverse conditions, assuring that they will perform well in any situation.

Moreover, our solar CCTV cameras are wireless, which makes them simple to install and use. They can be installed on any site without complex wiring or drilling, making them a perfect choice for businesses.

In summary, solar CCTV cameras offers a cost-effective and sustainable answer to any company’s needs and demands.