CCTV System

CCTV Camera Singapore


CCTV camera also known as Closed-Circuit Television, a security camera system produces sharp and clear cut video footage. HD CCTV cameras in Singapore are one of the most effective security implementations and able to be installed in many places around the premises. In addition to these features, the cameras provide dynamic high quality and sharp image reproduction (4K resolution) for day, night time, as well as dimly lit areas. Moreover, they are able to cater to a number of customer specifications in fitting and style. To gain access to the security camera footage, one can use a mobile app and view the footage stream through just a few taps. This allows one to get access to live video feedback from the security cameras at anywhere and anytime along with regular updates in regards to areas covered.

CCTV security camera systems can be customized to fit or match a customer’s demands in security TDE Security Solutions offers customizable solutions in Singapore to cater to any needs. CCTV cameras should provide high quality pictures and videos at daytime, and also be capable of doing the same thing at night or in areas where there are low light conditions. Browse our different type of CCTV systems below and contact us for further enquiry.