Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Alarm Singapore


TDE Security understands that every home or premises has different security requirements. That’s why we offer a wide range of professional burglar alarms, security alarms and intruder alarm systems for every conceivable need. Our burglar alarm systems include motion detectors, intruder alarm kits, wireless burglar alarms, internal and external sounders, dialers, communicators and control keypads. Whether you require an alarm to protect your home or multiple intruder alarms for a large business premises in Singapore, all our intruder alarms offer top quality at affordable prices and we will put together a reliable intruder alarm system for your home or business.

As an Intrusion & burglar Alarm System supplier in Singapore, we provide alarm detection systems with customizable options. Any intrusion attempt or tampering with equipment will trigger an alarm, and the would-be intruder will be deterred by the loud siren and strobe light. The system will call the pre-programmed telephone or handphone numbers to send an alarm notification, thus keeping you informed 24×7 on the status of your property.